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ISNVH 2018

The coming years will be characterized by a rapidly growing market share of hybrid vehicles combining traditional IC-engine based technology with electric traction. From an acoustics point of view these vehicles are characterised by an almost infinite number of possible operational modes combining electric and conventional traction, which can result in unexpected and sometimes confusing acoustical feedbacks. Transient vibration problems are no longer restricted to starting and stopping, but are frequent events during normal traffic operation. The electric motors, power electronics and gearboxes introduce prominent high frequency tonal components. Brand sound must be re-invented to a certain extent and last but not least a totally different scenario of acoustic masking effects is putting new emphasis on conventionally “harmless” sources. These and many more topics will be at the heart of the upcoming ISNVH 2018 conference.

Session & Workshop Topics

NVH for HEVs/BEVs 

NVH for lightweight structures

Powertrain optimisation and refinement 

Modelling and characterization of intake/exhaust systems

Flow noise and aeroacoustics

Tyre-road noise

NVH and friction modelling in contacts

Pass-by and exterior noise simulation

Sound absorption and insulation

NVH Trouble-shooting and problem solving

Downspeeding/downsizing and NVH

Noise quality, sound design, brand sound signature

NVH optimisation for auxiliary systems

Virtual NVH development

Transmission, gear and drivetrain noise

Full vehicle simulation and characterization

Interior noise and TPA

NVH target setting

Smart materials and metamaterials

Robust design and uncertainties

Concept modelling and optimization