ISNVH 2022

Inclusive Sustainable NVH
Graz, Austria
June 22-24, 2022

ISNVH 2022

Inclusive Sustainable NVH


Abstract submission is open!

The European Automotive Noise Conference

The worldwide economical and geo-political developments in the last decennium, including the breakout of the COVID pandemic, have made clear that a change of course has become absolute priority. In order to assure stable and sustainable long-term growth, the new political strategies must be inclusive in the sense that they must reconcile economic, environmental and social goals.

A green circular economy that includes the eco-system and human well-being is also the focus of the European Commission for the coming years, a vision that is shared by VIRTUAL VEHICLE and reflected by the adapted structure of our research areas. The reduction of noise pollution due to ground transportation in urban environments, the development of competitive acoustical materials which are compatible with the recycling needs and the development of technologies which can assure better access and integration of all groups of the population to the new technologies are examples of the tasks awaiting the NVH community.

All these topics and more will be central at our upcoming congress.

Announcement & Call for Abstracts


Apart from traditional topics, such as:

  • powertrain, transmission and drivetrain NVH
  • intake and exhaust acoustics
  • flow noise and aeroacoustics
  • structural dynamics
  • tyre-road noise
  • sound absorption and insulation
  • NVH troubleshooting and problem solving

…we encourage the submission of contributions in the fields of:

  • acoustic meta-materials
  • smart surfaces / embedded sensors
  • machine learning and data science for NVH
  • interactive human-machine interfaces
  • auditory and haptic perception, touch sound
  • audio signal processing and reproduction


  • active noise and vibration control
  • noise & vibration quality and perception, sound design
  • full vehicle NVH including pass-by
  • NVH target setting
  • HVAC acoustics
  • squeak and rattle


  • simulators (VR, AR and MR)
  • NVH and automated driving
  • vehicle component fitness monitoring
  • new instruments, transducers and measurement techniques
  • interior of the future and seat NVH
  • vehicle infotainment

Abstract Submission

To ensure fast feedback and efficient planning of the congress, we encourage authors to submit their abstracts until September 30, 2021. Further deadlines will follow as soon as possible.

Abstract submission
September 30, 2021
Review ready manuscript
December 8, 2021
End of review
February 28, 2022
Paper final version
March 31, 2022


Julia D’Orazio, MA
Virtual Vehicle Research GmbH
Inffeldgasse 21/A, 8010 Graz, Austria


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